How to Get Votes on Facebook Competition Entry

If you’ve entered any Facebook competition and the entry requires more number of votes to win, then it can be really tempting to aim to game the whole system. Here are a few ways to get votes on Facebook:

Post link to your own Wall

Pop up a link to competition you’ve entered on your wall. Tag your best friends in that post and request them for help. If your own friends aren’t fascinated to competitions, then look for people making use of Facebook ‘find friends’ utility and post your request only to the people who will be glad to help and won’t be aggravated by you if you tag them!

Join groups for exchanging Facebook votes


Nowadays, there are numerous groups on Facebook specifically set up for people to ask the other people for voting on their competition entries online. There’s small catch here: once you get Fb votes, you’ll have to return their favor by helping other people in the groups. Although Facebook has decent searching functionality, you also can use famous search engines such as Google to locate such groups.

Start your voting group utilizing Facebook

In case you don’t imagine of joining somebody else’s community and then abiding by their rule, start your personal voting group. That’s simple and free, and you easily can make your rules letting other people who have the same interest find you. You also can create a group with stress on your present competition, or bring your competition friends to create one support group.