Driving Online Sales Using Social Signals

It’s the question we’ve been lately asked a lot. What exactly is social signal and how can it advantage my business?

Put simply, social signals are a means of showing others actions to share your site across different social media platforms. You notice them all time – those social share buttons, joined with numeric count, representing how many times the page has been liked or shared.

  • Google +
  • Facebook Share
  • Twitter

Basically, the number signifies the web page’s fame. In effect though, the higher numbers users to see not just popularity but authority thus lend itself to better site trust. This might seem superficial; however, it’s a very well-researched phenomenon: the people trust what others have trusted, they are more probable to share things that others have shared, and purchase something that others have bought.

Social signal lifts your search rankings.

And now the significance of social signal has shifted one more gear. Recently, Google verified that social media signals now play an essential role in determining ranks. That’s right, not just do social signal influence peers, but the biggest search engines in the world as well!

And it makes great sense when you consider it.

  • Social signal indicates a solid status.
  • Social signal helps Google to decide what is most excellent for users.
  • Internet users trust the signals.
  • Websites with strong social existence have strong brand loyalty.

Rising social signal

If you’re wishing to grow traffic onto your site, buy social signals will play an essential part of your approach. So here are a few quick tips for raising them:

Add social sharing button to your site.

No-one will share your site by copying and then pasting your URL’s into Twitter or Facebook, but they’ll be glad to just click a button. When you place social sharing buttons on the top of pages – the more simple and visible the buttons are, and the easier it’ll be for somebody to share your content actually.

Get on different social media sites.

Ensure that you have your profile updated on each social media site. It includes Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+. Becoming visible is the first step always.

Generate quality contents.

The blogs are a very efficient way still of putting together entertaining, informative, and inspiring contents. And if your contents truly add value to any person, they’re more probable to share your own site.